Samson Javed

A qualified journalist with a long and very productive history of writing TV dramas, editorials and newspaper columns. Samson Javed was born in Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan and studied at St. Anthony High School and then at Murray College Sialkot. He did his Journalism at Islamabad. He did B.Ed at Al-Hamad Islamic University Quetta and completed the Post graguate education in Business & Management from AA Himilton College, London.

He started the journey of Journalism by publishing the following Magazines and Newspapers: 1982 - 1987 published a magazine "Safeer" Sialkot 1991 - 1992 Incharge Aqliati edition of newspaper "Nara-e-Haq" Quetta 1994 - 1999 Assistant editor of newspaper "Aftab" Quetta 1994 - 2000 Assistant Editor of magazine "Bu-e-Madran" Quetta 1999 - 2000 Editor of newspaper "Suraj" Quetta 1999 - 2001 Page Incharge in newspaper "Asap" Quetta 2006 - 2010 Monthly "Hamsukhan" Pakistan and London (Permanent writer) 2006 - 2011 Editor/Chief Editor of newspaper "Kundan" Quetta Editor monthly "Sada-e-Pakdil" Quetta Columnist and analyst on current issues. Daily Jang, Daily Mashriq, Daily Aftab Quetta, Crime View Karachi, Agahi Karachi Since 2012 Permanent weekly columnist of Daily Jang, London Drama writer of TV, Radio and Stage Poet of Urdu and Punjabi Wrote 32 dramas (Festival) of 25 minutes for PTV Quetta Wrote one drama (Festival) of 45 minutes for PTV Quetta. Other Dramas written: AVA, ADOORA ADMI, SAFEER, MUJRIM KOAN.

Samson Javed aslso taught Chemistry and Biology at St.Michael's High School Quetta from 1996 - March 2011.

He has received various awards of Best Writer, Best Journalist and Best Drama Writer from different organizations in Pakistan & London. He also received a certificate in Journlism from Press Club Sialkot. He has always encouged new comers to write articles,gave coverage to politicians and raised Christian issues in Daily Kundan Quetta newspaper.