Injeeli, Dr. Prudent Nasir (b. 1966)

Dr. Prudent Nasir Injeeli, the younger son of Emmanuel Qasar Injeeli, was born in Kot Sohndha village, Sheikhupura District in Pakistan. He completed his basic education at Pakistan Adventist School and College at Farooqabad Mandi, and later was appointed the Head of Language Department of this institution.

He has recently been awarded D.Min from the Open Seminary, California. He holds a Masters degree in English language, but is equally proficient in Urdu. He has contributed numerous articles about religious, social and health-related issues to various Christian magazines. He holds a prominent place among the contemporary Christian writers, primarily for his contributions to Qasid-e-Jadeed and Sehat monthly magazines published in Lahore. He has also translated, from English to Urdu, a health book, The Heart of the Matter by Marylin Johnson. This book, translated Hamara Dil, has been published by the Qasid Publishing House, Lahore.

Injeeli now lives in Cambodia, where he teaches English at various universities. However he continues to write prolifically in Urdu, addressing important issues related to Christianity and social consciousness.