SEWA holds a literary sitting in Faisalabad, Pakistan

Cuwap resident reporter: Socio-Econimic WAtch Associatin (SEWA) organized a literary sitting in the honour of Christian Writers and Poets in Daud Nagar under the administrative responsiibilty of Majeed Patru Mutlashi. The event was presided over by Iqbal Bhatti, a renowned fiction writer.

Many significat and budding writers and poets attended the event. However, some noteworth names were: Tahir Naushad, Mushtaq Khushi, Yaqoob Aeem, Prof. Nasir Khushi, Zia Bhatti and Sameer Ajmal. The participants presented their poetry retlating to the Independence Day of Pakistan (14th August), while Iqbal Bhatti presented a short story for critical analysis and appreciation.