Nasir, Dr. K. L. (1918 - 1996)

Dr. Kundan Lal Nasir (ڈاکٹر کندن لعل ناصر), a highly gifted theologian, a dedicated teacher, an eloquent preacher and a scholar of excellence, was born on 8th January 1918 and slept in the Lord on 7th May 1996 after a very fruitful and events filled life. He was born in a Christian clergy family in Jhandiyala Sher Khan, Dist. Sheikhpura, India (now in Pakistan). He completed his initial education at Government High School Chakwal, Murray College Silakot  and Gordon College Rawalpindi. After graduating with a BA from the Punjab University he joined the United Presbyterian Theological Seminary Gujranwala. In 1951 he was awarded Master of Systematic Theology by Biblical Theological Seminary, New York, and  and then an MA (honours) from San Francisco Theological Seminary, California.
He had  complete command on Biblical Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, Latin, Arabic, English and Urdu languages. He was knowledgeable about Biblical archeology and established a Bible museum at the Faith Theological Seminary, Gujranwala, Pakistan. Writing for Christian News International (CNI), Rev. Shahbaz Bhatti, entitled his article about him a "K.L. Nasir : A Man who did not compromise his faith". He served as a pastor in various villages in the Punjab as well as in the tribal area of Kohat India (now in Pakistan). He was appointed a professor at Gujranwala Theological Seminary in 1947 and  its principal in 1958. As a convention speaker he attracted thousands to hear him expound and explain the Word of God. Being a gifted debater and articulate speaker he started expressing his view publicly right from his student life. In February 1941 he spoke powerfully against the "Christian Personal Laws" introduced by the Colonial British Rulers. 
Dr. Kundan Lal Nasir was the founder-editor of Kalam-e Haq (کلامِ حق )(monthly magazine). The first issue of this magazine was published in January 1966. It was published regularly until 1994, however no issues appeared from August 1994 to May 1995. Its publication resumed in June 1995 under the administration of Faith Theological Seminary, Gujranwala, and Synod of the United Presbyterian Church of Pakistan. After the death of Dr. KL Nasir its editorial responsiblities were shouldered by  his late son Rt. Rev. Dr. Major Timotheus Nasir.
Following is only a partial list of Dr. KL Nasir's books:
1. Sadaqat-e Bible (صداقتِ بائبل)  
2. Tasdeeq-ul kitab (تصدیق الکِتاب )
3. Ilmul wa'az (علم الوعظ )
4. Ilm-e Illahi kay masail ( علمِ الٰہی کے مسائل )
5. Izhar ul haq اظہارالحق )
6. Ehd-e ateeq ki kitaboon ka dibacha (عہدِعتیق کی کِتابوں کا دیباچہ)
7. Bible muqadas aur asar-e qadeema (بائبل مقدس اور آثارِقدیمہ)
8. Bible Atlas o tarekh -e Bible (بائبل ایٹلس و تاریخِ بائبل)
9. Kaleedul kalam (کلید الکلام)
10. Umul kitab (اُم الکتاب)
11. Anbiya-e Qadeem (انبیاءقدیم)
12. Haqiqat-e Mirza baqalam khud (حقیقتِ مرزا بقلم خود )
13. Kashful Aqaid (کشف العقائد)

Abd-ul-Haq (d. 1980)

Born in a Muslim family of a small village, Jawatiyan, near Gujranwalla (now in Pakistan), his father's name was Maulvi Muhammad Azeem.

His conversion to Christianity was due to a personal experience during his early youth. During a visit to Sargodha Mission Hospital, he was attracted to a Bible verse written on a wall. Contemplating this verse led him to accept the Lord Jesus as his personal Lord and Saviour. The verse that so impressed him was,
"This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whome I am a chief."
1 Timothy 1:15
Abdul-ul-Haq was a scholar of very high calibre and had full command of several languages including Arabic, Farsi (Persian), Urdu and English

Barkat-Ullah (d. 1960)

This great scholar of Christianity hailed from Narowal (now in Pakistan) and was baptized into Christianity on 7th July 1907. He began his professional life as a lecturer in the Department of Philosophy at Edward College. Later on, he was elected a Member of the Royal Asiatic Society. His life commitment to Christianity is borne out by his literary activities. He died in 1960.

Barkat-Ullah authored the following works:
1. Qadamet-o-asleeyat anajeel-e-arba
2. Sehat-e-qutb-e-muqadsa
3. Islam ya Masihiyat
4. Ishterakeeyat aur Masihiyat
5. Aboot-e-Ilahhi
6. Kalmatullah ki taleem
7. Masihiyat ki alalmgeeri
8. Muqadas Ttuma rasoole-e-Hind
9. Saleeb kay harawal
10. Saleeb kay alumbardar
11. Kaleesiya-e-Punjab ka dana meamar-Ehsan Ullah

Injeeli, Dr. Prudent Nasir (b. 1966)

Dr. Prudent Nasir Injeeli, the younger son of Emmanuel Qasar Injeeli, was born in Kot Sohndha village, Sheikhupura District in Pakistan. He completed his basic education at Pakistan Adventist School and College at Farooqabad Mandi, and later was appointed the Head of Language Department of this institution.

He has recently been awarded D.Min from the Open Seminary, California. He holds a Masters degree in English language, but is equally proficient in Urdu. He has contributed numerous articles about religious, social and health-related issues to various Christian magazines. He holds a prominent place among the contemporary Christian writers, primarily for his contributions to Qasid-e-Jadeed and Sehat monthly magazines published in Lahore. He has also translated, from English to Urdu, a health book, The Heart of the Matter by Marylin Johnson. This book, translated Hamara Dil, has been published by the Qasid Publishing House, Lahore.

Injeeli now lives in Cambodia, where he teaches English at various universities. However he continues to write prolifically in Urdu, addressing important issues related to Christianity and social consciousness.

Waiz, Rehmat Masih (1857 - 1935)

Padree Rehmat Masih Waiz was born on May 1857 in Narowal District (now in Pakistan). By birth he was a Muslim and converted to Christianity through the influence and preaching of a Christian missionary, Pastor Roland Batman. On 11 May 1873 Rehmat, along with his father, elder brother and sister accepted Christ. It is claimed, by the people who knew him personally, that Waiz authored seven or eight books. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find the names of these except for one, Rahat-e-Dil. This is a collection of Waiz's songs and poems. During hislifetime, the book became very popular among the local churches and several songs from it became favourites and were often sung during church services. Eventually, twelve editions of this book were published, the last one shortly before his death. Twenty-two of his songs were included in Sialkot Convention*. Waiz was a dedicated Christian. During his life, he was in contact with Sadhu Sundar Singh, Padre Ehssan Ullah and other prominent Christian scholars and preachers. His own ministry extended to various areas including Clarkabad, Montgomery and Chack 424. Rehmat Masih Waiz, having faithfully served his Lord through preaching, singing and writing, died on 10 Feb 1935 in Lahore, where he was laid to rest.
*Sialkot Convention is a book of Christian songs and hymns which has been published many times and is still in wide circulation in Pakistani churches.