A Survey of Gains and Losses of 2017 by Samson Javed

The CUWAP.org team is pleased to share the following article by one of its own journalists. This article was initially published in Daily Ausaf, London, on 01 January, 2018.


The same theme of Gains and Losses by the Urdu speaking Christian community throughout the world, and especially the Pakistani Christians was also discussed by the Gateway Gazette Team, when 2017's last TV show was telecast live on 28th December 2017 from MATV's London Studios. This programme, The Gateway Gazette Show, has been telecasted from London for the last elven years and can be watched on SKY channel 793, every Thursday from 8:30 to 9:30 pm London (GMT) time.  To watch the show of 28 December 2017 click the link:



Rev John Basco (L), Akhtar Injeeli (center), Dr Peter Davdi (R), presenters of the Gateway Gazette show.