Barkat Ullah (d. 1960)

Archdeacon Barkat Ullah

Archdeacon Barkat Ullah was a great scholar of Christianity, and a Christian apologist who hailed from Narowal, India, (now in Pakistan). He was baptized into Christianity on 7th July 1907. He was a convert from Islam and accepted Lord Jesus at a very young age. He began his professional life as a lecturer in the Department of Philosophy at Edward College. Later on, he was elected a Member of the Royal Asiatic Society. His life commitment to Christianity is borne out by his literary activities. He died in 1960.

Barkat Ullah authored the following works:
1. Qadamet-o-asleeyat anajeel-e-arba
2. Sehat-e-qutb-e-muqadsa
3. Islam ya Masihiyat
4. Ishterakeeyat aur Masihiyat
5. Aboot-e-Ilahhi
6. Kalmatullah ki taleem
7. Masihiyat ki alalmgeeri
8. Muqadas Ttuma rasoole-e-Hind
9. Saleeb kay harawal
10. Saleeb kay alumbardar
11. Kaleesiya-e-Punjab ka dana meamar-Ehsan Ullah
12. From Karbala to Calvary
The last listed book, From Karbala to Calvary, had been republished (2016) by the Wentworth Press, and is available on various bookstores and online. The ISBN numbers  are: 1891-2016-08-26 and 978136212227.